The Ride Life ft. MAD BRUSSELS - Tine & Fien

Tine and Fien Prophete are the Queens of Tietenbizz in Brussels. Born at the seaside of Belgium water stays an important part of their life as we ride next to the Canal. You get the best view over the city on the bridge near the Park Design. After an apéritif in the park we ride towards the best croquettes de crevettes in town at Comptoir des Galeries. And for the Indiana Jones’ among us, try the Porc Leg Croquette. It’s delicious! Ride on!

The Ride Life ft. MAD BRUSSELS Damien

Damien Aresta takes us on a ride with good food, coffee and books. What do you want more in life? Starting our ride with a good ‘Stoemp Bruxellois’ gives us the energy we need to get through the day. After that a coffee in Café Du Sablon gives us another boost to ride uphill towards Tipi Bookshop where they have books you will never have seen before. Get your bike and ride on!

The Ride Life - Mila Brune

It’s not because it’s winter that you can’t cycle! Shake off the shitty weather with Milla Brune’s ride. She’s a true Bruxelloise, born and bred in the center of town. Have a great lunch at a reasonable price at Kaaitheater, get your daily caffeine shot at Or Coffee and finish your day off with some shopping (what else?!) in Melting Pot Kilo. Clothes by the kilo, what does a girl want more in her life?!

Ride Mila Brunes' ride

Ride Mila Brunes' ride