The Ride Life - Benedicte

This ride is one for you nature lovers. You're gonna cycle right next to the water for quite a while with nice views straight ahead. Benedicte is taking you to Anderlecht. Don't forget to bring a book when it's sunny because you can hang in the garden of the Erasmus House. (It's currently closed for winter time but in March the gates are open again). Get your real 'Fromage de Bruxelles' at the Crêmerie Saint-Guidon. And close off your ride at Frituur René. It used to be a Belgian chipshop but now you can get the best Belgian delicacies. Ride on guys! 

The Ride Life - Brecht

Brecht's ride is one for you who love a good, authentic Brussels lunch, beer and football. We start at Place Rouppe and Brechts ride takes you through the shopping heart of the city center. But we don’t stop at these shopping walhallas, no we ride on, straight to the start of the Jardin Botanique. A little place where you can find peace in the center of town. From there on it’s straight up passed the Elisabethpark where you can cast a view on the Basiliek of Koekelberg to finally end up at BX Brussels. Finish your ride with a good Belgian beer and a shout to the friendliest football club in Brussels! Ride on guys!

The Ride Life - Baroness O.

This ride is one for sunny days and classy ladies. Anne and Hanna from Baroness O. take us on a ride from Vilvoorde to the city center of Brussels. First up is the boat, perfect for wannabe sailors or for people who love a calm route towards the center of town. Let the guide take you there! When we hit the Sainctelette bridge it’s time to get back on our rides. In Le Bac à Bloem they have beautiful flowers. And tell me, is there any girl who hates flowers? No. Getting a bit hungry? Don’t panic! La Belle Equipe is just around the corner and their pizza’s are lush! Enjoy people. And ride on!

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